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Kymppi in English follows the guidelines set by the national core curriculum for basic education 2016. New Let's work together pages have been added as well as chapters Towards coding. The chapters in Kymppi in English consist of two double-page spreads. On the first spread, the concept is illustrated with clear models that facilitate comprehension. Practise is provided by easy-to-understand basic exercises, and similar kinds of exercises are used throughout the book. The second double spread features a new set of basic exercises, exercises where pupils can apply what they have learned, a challenging problem for advanced learners and homework. Each unit ends with a Test and work together section that can be used to ensure that the content has been fully mastered. Kymppi in English 4B units are Fractions, Decimals, Division, Measuring and estimating, Towards coding and Revision.

Rinne, Kymppi in English 4B (OPS16)

48,05 €
  • Toimitusaika 2–7 arkipäivää. Toimitushinta alkaen 4,95 €.
  • Ilmainen palautus 14 vrk.
  • Ilmainen toimitus pakettiautomaattiin yli 100 € ostoksille.
  • Asiakasomistajalle Bonusta jopa 5 %.

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