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The Lutheran Church of El Salvador made a decision, in 1986, to open the ministry to women. How was it possible in the midst of a Latin American macho culture and after having been influenced by the theologically conservative, North American mission work? This research examines the kinds of internal and external factors which led women to leadership and ministry, and the context in which this development occurred. The roles of women have been scrutinised during several time periods. During 1952-1974 the focus was on women as missionary wives and fundadoras (founding mothers). Women's roles as laywomen grew in 1975-1985. After the outburst of the civil war in 1980, women advanced to lay leaders. The ministry was opened for women and the first deacon pastors were installed in 1986 and the first presbyter pastors were ordained in 1994. In 2009, more women than ever were working in different levels - from laywomen to leaders - in the Lutheran Church of El Salvador. The research shows that the reasons for the development and changes concerning women's positions and roles lie in the impact of significant individuals, liberation theology, the feminist and women's movement, civil war and the theology of life.

Fe y Esperanza

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