Prisma verkkokauppa

Prisma in English

Prisma is an affordable family retailer

Prisma is the family-friendly hypermarket of the cooperative S Group. It always has low prices and a diverse product selection. All of the purchases for the home can be made at once. In addition to the extensive food and consumer item selection, Prisma features an extensive selection of products for the home along with leisure and clothing products. The store selections include approximately 11,000 – consumer products and the total number of products is approximately 60,000.

Shopping at Prisma is easy

Shopping at Prisma is trouble-free. Our stores are centrally located along convenient traffic routes. There is ample parking. Purchases are made with ease and convenience, as moving is not hindered by obstructions and products are clearly and neatly displayed.

You will often find specialty stores and other service providers by the stores. These include a restaurant, fuel service and a garden shop. In addition, each Prisma has a customer service point where you can, for example, take care of matters pertaining to customer ownership and being an S-Bank customer.

The Prisma chain is growing

There are 64 Prisma stores in Finland. In addition to Finland, Prismas are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The location of the Prisma stores is available here (web pages in Finnish). Web Service

The Web Service can be used to buy products and learn about the Prisma product selection, browse individual products, locate the nearest store and to see the latest catalogues and advertisements.

The products can be browsed using the table of contents on the top or by using the product search located on the top of the screen. The service displays  50 000 books to buy on-line, and some of Prisma's product selection, over 25,000 products. Pat of them can be bought on-line, and the web service can be used to see if the product is included in the selections of the specified Prisma. However, it is possible that the product is not available on the shelf at that current time. If necessary, the product's availability can be confirmed at Prisma (web pages in Finnish). We are constantly developing the Web Service and updating the number of included products.

Welcome to Prisma and the Web service (web pages in Finnish)!

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